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Sent you 200 for yourself and the challenge.



(Thank you, dude!!!)

I got nominated for a lot of ALS ice bucket challenges

But, since I’m suffering from crippling poverty and I’m struggling to find money for food, I unfortunately cannot donate anything. Much apologies.

But super props for the awareness.


"Damn…The only thing flyer than me is Candlelight’s chibis…" -Kanye West

I’m holding another giveaway! 5 lucky winners will receive a picture of any OC they want being all cute like little Candle up there!

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  • There will be 5 winners, selected by a random number generator.
  • It will end in a week, on the 23rd of August.
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Candlelight: Simple, but it’ll work! I can definitely meet the Princess in this. Thanks!

She struts off towards the castle in her new ‘dress’, leaving behind Bandaid, Clara Cake, a possibly-traumatized Bumble, and a plethora of other now-changed guests. This will probably take weeks of therapy to erase. Or not erase, who knows?





Ahhh yes.

Uh, I kinda forgot somethin’ the first time…


( if not too late) Scylla and Demon Candlelight, #6


Can you cheer me up


Another strange visitor has arrived.

Another strange visitor has arrived.