Ask Candlelight Song!

Why would you ask her anything she’s like Candle but more rugged and 10x worse

Pony shaming.

Pony shaming.

Candlelight: Really though, if you’re trying to get with my sister, forget about it. You’ll regret it for sure, unless you’re the type of pony she needs.



Dovey’s visit to the household goes as expected.

I imagine she’s used to Candlelight’s attacks by now.

doveys completely used 2 candles shenanigans

and   w o w   this was totally just an excuse 2 draw phan and a silly lil candle

dovey is 2 c ute agh

Phan: “Down at Lucille’s. Manehatten, y’know. Crazy city.”

Phan: “Well, shucks.”

Candlelight: “Oh god, let’s not feed her already giant ego.”

"No touchy."

(ey send me an ✖ if you want your pony to meet Candle’s sister/Have her react to meeting your pony

Might not be able to do them all)

Phan: “What are you talking about? I would never insult Candlelight. We bicker a lot because we’re sisters, but we have a bond that’s pretty close.

After mom died and he left, we were on our own. Living with your 4 year old sister and taking care of her when you’re only 12 is eye-opening. I’m glad that I was there for Candlelight. I did the best I could. We were together until she graduated and moved to Ponyville…So that’s what, 13 years?

Candle’s all the family I have left. We’ve got each other, even if we live in different cities. The thought of making her sad bums me out, for real. I would never hurt her, not for a second.

Don’t tell her this, but I really love her.”